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CVAC—or —is one method that your doctor may use to access your veins to provide treatment. A CVAC lets your healthcare team easily access central veins without having to insert multiple IV lines in your arms and hands. If you see avein specialist in Houston, here are some of the reasons why he or she may recommend a CVAC.

Treatment of infections that require IV antibiotics, anemia treatment with iron infusions or blood transfusions, and chemotherapy all require access to central veins to deliver medication. A CVAC allows your doctor to provide these treatments in a way that is more comfortable for you. The CVAC consists of a tube that can be implanted under your skin into a vein. It is typically placed in the chest. Through the CVAC, your healthcare team can both administer medical treatments and draw blood, so you don’t have to deal with multiple needle sticks. A vein specialist will insert the CVAC in an outpatient procedure, during which you will receive a sedative and local anesthesia for your comfort.