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Nodule or Mass Biopsy in Houston

If a nodule or mass is detected on an imaging study, your doctor may recommend that it be biopsied to determine what is causing it. During this procedure, a small needle is placed inside the nodule to extract a small piece of tissue which is sent to a pathologist to look at it under the microscope. Dr. Raza has more than 20 years of experience using ultrasound guidance to biopsy nodules or masses in the liver, kidneys, thyroid, lymph nodes, and other tissues.

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Thyroid or Lymph Node Biopsy

In this procedure, ultrasound is used to locate the nodule or enlarged lymph gland. Local anesthetic is used to numb the skin before a small needle is place into the nodule to obtain a sample. Afterwards an ice pack is placed over the area to prevent any swelling or discomfort. You will be able to resume your normal activities after the biopsy is performed.

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Liver Biopsy

If you are undergoing a liver biopsy, this will be performed under conscious sedation. You will be given some medication through an IV to help you relax so that you do not experience discomfort during the procedure. Ultrasound will be used to locate the mass. Local anesthetic us used to numb the skin. A needle is placed through the skin to obtain some tissue from the mass. After the procedure you will remain in the office for 4 hours for observation.

Procedures Assisted by Ultrasound Guidance in Houston, TX

Bone Marrow Biopsy

During this procedure a small needle is passed through the skin in the front of the hip to the hip bone. You will be given medication through an IV to minimize the discomfort. A sample of bone marrow is taken through the needle and this is sent to the lab for analysis. Once lab results are obtained, they will be sent to your referring physician. After the procedure you will be able to resume your normal activities. You may take over the counter pain relievers for any discomfort.

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