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Genicular artery embolization (GAE) is a minimally invasive procedure used to manage chronic knee pain, particularly in patients with osteoarthritis. Here are some potential benefits associated with this procedure:

  1. Pain Relief: GAE can provide significant relief from chronic knee pain by reducing inflammation and blocking pain signals transmitted through the genicular arteries.
  2. Minimally Invasive: Unlike traditional surgical interventions for knee pain, GAE is minimally invasive, involving only a small incision through which catheters are inserted, reducing the risks associated with open surgery and enabling quicker recovery times.
  3. Preservation of Joint Function: By targeting the genicular arteries that supply blood to the knee joint, GAE can help preserve joint function by alleviating pain and potentially delaying the need for more invasive procedures such as knee replacement surgery.
  4. Short Recovery Time: Patients typically experience a shorter recovery time compared to traditional surgical interventions, allowing them to resume normal activities sooner.
  5. Potential for Outpatient Procedure: Depending on the patient’s condition and the specific protocol followed by the healthcare provider, GAE may be performed on an outpatient basis, reducing the need for hospitalization and enabling patients to return home the same day.
  6. Reduced Dependency on Pain Medications: By effectively managing knee pain, GAE may reduce the need for long-term use of pain medications, which can have potential side effects and risks associated with them.
  7. Improved Quality of Life: Effective pain relief provided by GAE can lead to an improved quality of life for individuals suffering from chronic knee pain, allowing them to engage in daily activities with greater comfort and mobility.
  8. Potential for Repeated Procedures: In some cases, GAE can be repeated if necessary to maintain pain relief over time, offering a flexible treatment option for patients with persistent knee pain.

It’s important to note that while GAE can offer significant benefits for many patients, it may not be suitable for everyone, and individual outcomes can vary. Patients considering this procedure should consult with our experts at Premier vein and vascular center to determine if it’s the right option for them and discuss the benefits as well as any potential risks or complications.

Genicular artery embolization for knee osteoarthritis in Houston, TX