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Chronic Venous Insufficiency Treatment in Houston

Venous ulcers are a condition caused by poor circulation, which is frequently related to underlying chronic venous insufficiency. Ulcers are characterized by open sores on the legs, ankles, and feet, which are slow to heal even with treatment and can lead to other medical concerns, including skin infections. At Premier Vein & Vascular Center, we are dedicated to providing targeted care to put an end to the symptoms and complications associated with chronic venous insufficiency in Houston, including varicose veins and venous ulcers.

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Wound Treatment for Venous Ulceration

Treatment options for venous ulcers vary, depending on the severity of both the ulcers and the underlying venous insufficiency causing them. In some patients, venous ulcers are treated with local wound care, particularly if you have never experienced a venous ulcer before or have only mild signs of venous disease. Wound treatment for venous ulceration focuses on:

  • Boosting lower body circulation via compression hose or leg elevation. Your vein specialist may also recommend taking short walks or working other forms of light physical activity into your day. Compression therapy is often used after venous ulcers have healed to prevent additional wounds from developing.
  • Preventing or treating skin infections associated with venous ulcers with antibiotics. Over-the-counter medications can also be used to reduce discomfort and inflammation associated with varicose veins and venous ulcers.
  • The elimination of dead or damaged tissue from the area surrounding the ulcer, allowing the body to replace these cells with new, healthy tissue. A physician can remove this tissue during a short procedure called debridement.
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Choosing Permanent Treatment for Venous Insufficiency

If you frequently experience venous ulcers or suffer from unsightly or uncomfortable varicose veins, more permanent treatment options may be recommended to eliminate the diseased vein responsible for your ulcers. Permanent treatment options for venous insufficiency include endovenous ablation and ambulatory phlebectomy, which either seal or remove the damaged vein from the body so it can no longer affect your circulation and lead to the development of new ulcers. If you feel frequent or chronic discomfort associated with varicose veins or often experience venous ulcers, permanent treatment may be your best option. By eliminating the underlying cause of your venous ulcers, you will prevent future ulcers from occurring and protect your skin from the slow-healing wounds and potential infection risk this affliction causes.

Schedule a Visit to Discuss Treatment Options

Premier Vein & Vascular Center can help you put an end to venous ulcers, varicose veins, and the discomfort they cause with permanent treatments that include endovenous ablation and ambulatory phlebectomy in Houston. You can reach us by phone at 832-321-5355 to schedule an appointment with a vein specialist.

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