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If you or someone you know has bulging veins in their limbs or heaviness and pain in their legs, it’s possible they could be suffering from varicose veins. Varicose veins are a common issue with adults and stems from poor blood flow. The veins in our legs are trying to return blood to the heart, but they are fighting against gravity to do so. As we age, and especially if we don’t get enough exercise, the valves in these blood vessels that allow blood to only flow one way become stretched and weakened. This leads to blood seeping back down and pooling, which causes the bulging veins.

Getting treatment for these vascular issues is relatively simple, but how do you go about finding a doctor? At the Katy vein specialist Premier Vein & Vascular, they know that it’s important to get the right treatment for you. They offer three different methods to help reduce and potentially eliminate the appearance of varicose and spider veins, as well as treat the vascular issues related to poor blood flow.

  1. They employ the method of sclerotherapy to treat both varicose and spider veins. This method involves injecting a solution into the problematic vein that causes the vessel to close itself. When closed, the blood will reroute through other, healthier veins, thus improving circulation.
  2. Additionally, varicose veins can be removed entirely with a phlebectomy after they are closed. This treatment is performed through making small incisions in the skin and removing sections of the affected vein, leaving the skin looking more natural.
  3. For larger veins, the endovenous ablation method uses radio frequency energy to reduce the size of the vein, restoring a more proper flow.

You want to have a Katy vein doctor that has experience with managing the effects of not just varicose veins, but vascular diseases as well. The experts at Premier Vein can evaluate your condition to determine if you are afflicted by vascular disease. Dark colored veins, itching, burning, or painful veins, and a heaviness in the legs may be signs of vascular disease. You want to be able to easily converse with your doctor and get accurate results regarding your condition. You want someone with the knowledge to properly treat for varicose veins. The team at Premier Vein in Katy has experience treating not only varicose veins, but venous ulcers, DVT, dialysis fistulas, and peripheral arterial disease. They have the equipment to strike deep at conditions that lurk well beneath the surface of the skin.