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Are you struggling with chronic venous insufficiency near Houston? Caused by poorly functioning venous walls or leg vein valves, this condition makes it difficult for your veins to return blood to the heart and allows blood to pool in the veins of the legs. Common risk factors include family history, age, gender, obesity, heavy lifting, and having multiple pregnancies.

Chronic venous insufficiency often develops when the vein’s valves become damaged as a result of aging, sitting or standing for long periods, prior deep vein thrombosis, or a combination of these factors. When the function of the valves is significantly affected, blood consistently pools in the legs. Chronic venous insufficiency can lead to skin discoloration, swelling, and skin ulceration.

Conservative venous insufficiency treatment often involves wearing medical grade compression stockings, exercise, weight loss, elevation, homeopathic remedies, and over-the-counter pain medications. When conservative therapies fail to relieve the condition, your doctor may recommend interventional measures. These can include endovenous ablation, ambulatory phlebectomy and sclerotherapy.