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Among the common causes of chronic pelvic pain is a condition called pelvic congestion syndrome. This problem occurs when blood accumulates in the veins that run through the pelvis, resulting in chronic pain that affects the pelvic area. If you’re wondering if you could be suffering from pelvic congestion syndrome near Houston, then there are some additional indicators of which you should be aware. Common symptoms of pelvic congestion syndrome include:

  • Backache
  • Pelvic pain or heaviness with intercourse
  • Varicose veins in the vaginal area or in the thighs or buttocks
  • Tender lower abdominal area
  • Frequent urination
  • Abnormal or painful menstruation
  • Feeling of swelling in the vagina or vulva

Pelvic congestion syndrome results from the formation of varicose veins around the ovaries, a problem which causes valves in the veins to fail. When these valves no longer function properly, this allows blood to back up and accumulate in the veins, resulting in painful symptoms. If you think that you may be suffering from pelvic congestion syndrome, talk to a vein specialist about your diagnosis and treatment options.