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We know that the Covid-19 pandemic has been difficult for everyone.  In response to the hardships that you are facing, we would like to offer some reassurance in these unprecedented times.  The health and safety of our patience and staff is our top priority.  As of April 22nd, the executive order restricting elective procedures has been lifted, allowing us to proceed cautiously into treating our patients and getting them back to life without leg pain and discomfort.  In order to do this safely, we will start by limiting the number of patients that we see in the office so that we can minimize person to person contact.  We are aggressively sanitizing rooms and shared spaces as well as utilizing appropriate personal protective equipment.   

We also know that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about financial hardship for many people.  For this reason, we would like to offer free knee high stockings and free consultations for our new patients scheduled in May and June.  We will also be providing 15% off of cosmetic spider vein injections.  Please mention this promotion when scheduling your appointment to take advantage of this limited time offer.   

At Premier Vein and Vascular Center, our patients are like family.  And just like family, we will get through this trying time together, with patience and perseverance.  Stay safe and well, and we’ll see you in the office soon!