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Blog Posts in 2015

Spider Veins - Causes and Prevention

There is a myth that only elderly women can get spider veins, the tangled web of small blue/purple veins commonly appearing on the legs. The fact is many people will get them at some point in their ...
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Leg Cramps and Vein Disease

Do you or does someone you love suffer from painful, nightly leg cramps? They may come on suddenly overnight while sleeping or simply while relaxing. Leg cramps can occur for a myriad of reasons, ...
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Portacath Placement Procedure

For patients who consistently require chemotherapy treatments, the portacath is a device that simplifies part of the process. A portacath is a small device placed under the skin that allows for easy, ...
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What to Expect During a Bone Marrow Biopsy

A bone marrow exam is a test that checks to see how well your bones are producing red or white blood cells. The marrow of your bones, which is the spongy part in the center of some of your larger ...
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Compression Socks and Running

Compression socks are great tools for people suffering from varicose veins. They help the muscles with contraction, which squeezes loose leg veins together. As we age, and if we have certain medical ...
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Herbal Supplement and Vein Disease

Vein disease can affect the lives of many people, especially women. As we age, our veins become weaker and this is further exacerbated by being overweight, lack of exercise, and pregnancy. There are ...
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Spider Veins on the Face

If you've ever had a rash develop on your face, like rosacea, you may have noticed these small clusters of blood vessels visible just under the surface of the skin. These face spider veins, known as ...
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Leg Swelling - Venous Causes

Have you experienced leg swelling? There are several causes for leg and ankle swelling that include being overweight, age, heart disease and venous causes. The venous causes could be from vein ...
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Help! My Legs Look Like My Grandmother's

Picture this: you're about to head out with your friends for a night on the town, but you're feeling self-conscious while wearing that new dress you purchased because your legs don't look quite the ...
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Compression Therapy Today - Hope for Hose!

Compression therapy is one of the methods used to treat venous insufficiency in cases where circulation in the legs needs to be improved. All that is required for this treatment is to wear elastic ...
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